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Mobile Extensions Prevent Missed Inbound Calls
Update Time:2019-12-05
During work hours, employees are not always at their workstation. If the extension rings when an employee is away, what is the solution to prevent a missed important call?

These days, each employee always carries his/her mobile phone, so why not pick up calls over the mobile phone?

Absolutely. You only need to link your mobile number to the extension number for call forking. So, for inbound calls, the extension and mobile phone will both ring.

You may have three methods to configure.

Method 1: Web GUI
Log on the device Web GUI and click “Analog Extension” (If it is an IP extension, click “IP Extensions”, and the rest of setup procedures are the same).

Select the extension number for call forking and click the corresponding setup icon.

Enter the mobile phone number next to “Call forking”, and save the settings.

Method 2: Configuration by functional keys on phones
Shortcut method: pick up the phone, and press *75+ mobile phone Number+ #. The audio prompt message advises that the set is successful, and the mobile phone number is announced repeatedly.

(After configuration on the phone end is successful, the device will synchronize without further settings.)

Method 3: Configure by NeeHau? client
Install and log on to the NeeHau? SoftConsole client, and click “Settings”.

Enter and save the mobile phone number next to “Call forking”.

(After configuration on the NeeHau? SoftConsole client is successful, the device end will synchronize without further settings.)

When the settings are completed, the mobile phone will simultaneously ring. Missed calls can be prevented.

Attention: Causes of invalid call forking
For the same extension, two or more phone numbers are set for call forking.
The extension is activated “Do Not Disturb” function, unconditional call forwarding, all inbound calls forwarded to voicemail, secretary services, etc.
The extension is a receptionist extension or a member of a hunt group whose hunting mode is “simultaneously ring”.
Inbound calls are on the call waiting queue.
Insufficient outbound call concurrencies.

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