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WeWei? is a unique SIP-based mobile enterprise phone app. Through wireless and mobile data networks or mobile telephone networks, it reliably makes an employee’s mobile phone to be his/her office telephone extension.
With WeWei®, not only can employees stay in touch with customers through their office-telephony system anytime and anywhere, but also customer service assignments can be made through text-based interaction. 

WeWei® is designed to work with New Rock’s OM series IP PBX to best enjoy its full benefits, even though it can also be used as a regular SIP-based softphone. 

For more information, contact us at global@newrocktech.com or leave an online message.


Function Highlights

-  Easy to setup (only need enter a PIN or scan a QR code)
-  WeWei® can easily register with an OM located behind an enterprise NAT or firewall without the need of a fixed internet IP address or DDNS, nor port mapping on the access router.
-  Supports callback using mobile telephone network in case the quality of mobile data network is unsatisfactory.
-  Want more than just voice calling? Task-oriented text interaction are supported between the WeWei® and OM.

Keys Telephone Functions

-  Allows to make a call on contact list or call history
-  Receives calls even when the smart-phone screen is turned off.
-  Supports three registration accounts on the same or different OMs.
-  Up to five parties can be invited to a conference.
-  Supports call transfer to another extension or a third outside party.
-  Hands-free calling, call holding and muting a call are available.
-  Provides call history.

To download WeWei®
Search "WeWei" in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
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  • The majority of IoT devices use the internet protocols (IP) to provide functional features and information, laying a solid foundation for integrating VoIP with the IoT technology. Therefore, the value of VoIP services will increase in proportion to the IoT development. For example, the synergy between IoT and VoIP applications will advance the innovation of smart homes, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), smart hotels, and more.
  • To meet the needs of fishing boats, cargo ships, and oil tankers with respect to significantly reducing telephone charges, New Rock has planned and implemented IP audio network based on satellite broadband together with satellite network broadband service providers and telecommunications carriers.
  • Employees’ mobile phones will operate as portable extensions, allowing them to receive calls from land lines (with a caller ID displayed) anywhere at any time, as well as placing free calls with other extensions or outbound calls via the corporate telephone line to boost its corporate image.
  • The New Rock MSE office telephone solution, which is based on the OM20G/50G IP-PBX and combined with the NeeHau? SoftConsole and the WeWei? softphone app, provides smart inbound call handling and customer telephone communication management for MSEs with 30 or less members or sales/customer service teams.
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