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With VoIP and cloud communications being fast developed and widely used, enterprises are able to deploy the telephone solution based on distributed PBX communications or cloud/hosted communications networks at a lower cost. To prevent the interruption of calling and call-related services when the headquarters server or cloud/hosted server disconnects, the New Rock local survivability branch exchange (LSBX) is designed to be deployed at local offices or branches to handle the calls instead of the disconnected server. After the connection recovers, the calling services will be switched to the headquarters server or cloud/hosted server again. New Rock MA50-LS provides local voice access through FXO interfaces (2-8) and SIP user registration (50-200), enterprises can choose according to their needs.

New Rock MA50-LS provides local voice access through FXO interfaces (2-8) and SIP user registration (50-200), enterprises can choose according to their needs.

Application 1: Cloud/Hosted IP-PBX

- Users’ legacy lines connect to cloud PBX

- Obtain local survivability from LSBX when cloud PBX is down

Application 2: Headquarters & Branches

- Branches’ local PSTN trunks can be used by users in the headquarters, turning a long-distance call to a local call

- Branches obtain survivability from LSBX when disconnected with headquarters PBX

For more information, contact us at global@newrocktech.com or leave an online message.


-Access to a reliable local line (PSTN line) through its FXO port.

-Powerful survivability: PSTN fail-over upon network disconnection, power redundancy, network port redundancy, dual-system hot backup, etc.

-Rich local voice features: auto attendant, call forwarding, call transfer, high-speed fax, emergency call, 3-way calling.

-Enhanced security: TLS/SRTP encryption, white/black list, brute force log-in prevention, etc.

-Configuration and management with Web GUI or network management system.

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  • The consumer service industry is generally in chain business. New Rock has accumulated rich experience in building converged communication platforms for chain enterprises in China. Customers come from various industries
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