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OM1000-UC (<1000)
OM1000-UC IP-PBX is a new generation of high-capacity unified communication system of New Rock.
Based on the maximum capacity of 1000 extensions on a single machine, it can be expanded to thousands of extensions on demand through networking, which is suitable for single-point office communication for large and medium-sized enterprises, it can also meet the demand of multi-point telephone networking for large enterprises and government agencies. It provides integrated solutions for audio and video telephony, broadcasting, fax, recording, mobile office, etc., helping enterprises to improve staff efficiency and service quality.
Powerful performance
- Maximum number of simultaneous calls 200 (unrecorded) / 140 (recorded)
- Powerful call handling capacity (BHCC) 10.8K (recorded), 7.2K (unrecorded)
- 1000 IP extensions licensed, 1000 IP outside lines licensed

Strong compatibility
- Provide open API interface to dock with third party application systems

- Directly dockable to operator IMS network

Flexible networking and strong scalability

- Single unit supports up to 1000 extensions, enabling large-scale telephone system deployment through multiple equipment networking

Unified management, easy to manage in different places
- Based on the penetration service of "New Rock Cloud", the network can be flexibly grouped with OM devices, IP phones, cell phone extensions, VoIP gateways, etc. in different places through the Internet to realize free mutual calls and sharing of external line resources within the network.

- The headquarters can centrally manage the recordings and call records of extensions and branches/stores for convenient management

High reliability guarantee 

- multiple protection mechanisms to ensure reliable equipment operation

- Physical redundancy protection of dual Gigabit network ports
- Dual machine hot standby
- Platform switching

- Optional 1+1 DC/AC power module

Convenient remote management 

- New Rock self-owned and third-party remote management methods, convenient management and maintenance

- Use with TTMS network management and monitoring system to achieve centralized management, remote monitoring, fault alarm, data packet capture, software upgrade and other maintenance
- Support connecting to third party network management system through TR-069 and SNMP network management protocol.

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